Bedwell Bay

Croker Island

Silver Falls

Twin Islands

Raccoon Island

Jug Island

Admiralty Point

Belcarra Bay with Hamber and Boulder Islands in the foreground

Belcarra Park

Boulder Island

Cates Park

Berg’s Landing

Granite Falls

Grey Rocks

Hamber Island

Indian River Estuary

Wigwam Inn

Deep Cove

Indian River Estuary

Indian River Estuary is the furthest point you can reach by kayak from Deep Cove, and how far you make it up the river will depend on both the tide and the height of the river. Be aware of both as you don’t want to get stuck on the mudflats!

You can make it all the way here from the Cove and back in a day but most people camp at Granite Falls or Berg’s Landing and just come up as part of their trip.

You may see wildlife up here, particularly eagles during the salmon runs. Do be aware you are not permitted to fish without a license.

Distance from Deep Cove:20 km
Paddling Time One Way: Fast: 3 hrs. Avg: 4 hr. Leisurely: 6 hr.
Suggested Route:The west shore of Indian Arm makes for the most direct and scenic route. Take the eastern channel between Croker Island and the mainland. It is best to go to Indian River Estuary as a day trip from your campsite at Bishop Creek or Granite Falls. It is great to time your visit when high tide is covering the mud flats.
  • Currents in the river mouth
  • Being stuck high and dry in the middle of the mud-flats
Nature: There are many seals that like to hang out here, basking on the many logs in this area. There are lots of birds in this area. A chum salmon run late in October attracts lots of eagles.