“We Exist to Inspire Deeper Connections to the Outdoors and to One Another”

We are proud to be a Social Purpose Company.
In simple terms, this means that the steps we take are all aiming to bring deeper connections
in 2 key areas:

Humans connecting harmoniously with the Great Outdoors
We completely respect Mother Nature, and strive to know her beyond the surface level, we’re not aiming to simply rent kayaks. This ‘Deeper Connection’ is something we seek as we research ancestral land & history, work with First Nations communities, and educate on the ocean’s bio-diversity, the laws of sea,
and what affects we all can have on our environment. Through that deeper connection and
understanding, we aim to better the Outdoors, and inspire our community to help us nurture
& protect Mother Nature too.

Humans connecting harmoniously with one another
Together we are stronger. As such we operate with empathy, understanding, and aim for a ‘deeper connection’ with one-another. We welcome newbies to paddle sports, but it’s even more special to us when they come back, and we can call them our friends. We believe community is the glue that holds us all together.

Women On Water (Socials)

When we host events, we’re fostering a ‘deeper connection’ with one-another, and strive to create a strong community spirit, wherein the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Working in conjunction with First Nations is one of many examples we can show with regards to our ‘deeper connections’.

Hosting Community Events & Supporting Initiatives

Many of our weekly events are low-cost activities to encourage local participation. Women on Water, Tuesday Night Race, and Dragon boating are break-even programs that we have offered for over 20 years and all are attended by many North Shore residents. We provide hundreds of gift vouchers on a yearly basis to community groups conducting fundraisers.

Deep Cove Kayak conducts an annual beach and ocean clean-up, as well as regular street clean-ups in Deep Cove. We also assist the Cleanerlakes.com annual underwater dive clean up and have for many years now (awesome video here). We organize, host and self-fund the annual Penguin Plunge in Deep Cove and have for the last 12 years with some special Plunge at Home messages during the Covid challenged years. 

For the last 8 years, we’ve been an integral part of the CBC foodbank day by working with other Deep Cove businesses to create a substantial prize package that is showcased on the day. And, our Co-Owner, Erian, literally volunteers on the phone lines at the CBC call centre on the day of too to help raise money!).

Image of Erian Baxter and Nina Winow at CBC Call Centre