Rental Fleet Sale


Rental Fleet Sale

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Every season we sell used kayaks, SUPs & surfskis from our rental fleet.

Before selling, our in-house boat fixing mechanic does a thorough check of the boats, ensuring they’re all in a solid condition!

You’ll find excellent boats such as our G3 Doubles, Castine single kayaks and surfskis such as the Think Ace.

We typically do a ‘Yard Sale’ or a ‘Fleet Sale’ twice per year.
But, we have a number of used boats on sale at Coast Outdoors throughout the year. So, it’s always worth checking our ‘Used’ page on the Coast Outdoors website – Click Here.

To shop used boats anytime of the year, head to Coast Outdoors.
Coast Outdoors is open 10-6pm, daily. (Holiday Hours may vary).

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