An alternative campsite to Granite Falls, Berg’s Landing has both camping sites as well as outhouses on the north and south of the creek.

Whenever you are camping next to a tidal area make sure your boats are left above the water line – we have had to rescue people when their boats have floated away from them!


Distance from Deep Cove: 15 ¼ km
Paddling Time One Way: Fast: 2.5 hrs. Avg: 3.5 hr. Leisurely: 5 hrs
Suggested Route: West Shore of Indian Arm
  • Narrows between west shore of Croker Island and mainland can be busy with motorboats
  • Afternoon warming on a sunny day creates strong headwinds for your return trip
  • BC Parks will occasionally put out a bear alert
Features: This area is an alluvial fan from Bishop Creek. It has created a flat area that BC Parks has adapted for a campsite. There is an outhouse.
Nature: Just south of Bishop Creek there is some brilliant yellow lichen patches high on the shear cliffs jutting from the water.
Important Note: We would like to enforce that there are NO fires permitted at any campsite or on any island.