Bedwell Bay

Croker Island

Silver Falls

Twin Islands

Raccoon Island

Jug Island

Admiralty Point

Belcarra Bay with Hamber and Boulder Islands in the foreground

Belcarra Park

Boulder Island

Cates Park

Berg’s Landing

Granite Falls

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Hamber Island

Indian River Estuary

Wigwam Inn

Deep Cove

Berg’s Landing

An alternative campsite to Granite Falls, Berg’s Landing has both camping sites as well as outhouses on the north and south of the creek.

Whenever you are camping next to a tidal area make sure your boats are left above the water line – we have had to rescue people when their boats have floated away from them!

Distance from Deep Cove:15 ¼ km
Paddling Time One Way: Fast: 2.5 hrs. Avg: 3.5 hr. Leisurely: 5 hrs
Suggested Route:West Shore of Indian Arm
  • Narrows between west shore of Croker Island and mainland can be busy with motorboats
  • Afternoon warming on a sunny day creates strong headwinds for your return trip
  • BC Parks will occasionally put out a bear alert
Features: This area is an alluvial fan from Bishop Creek. It has created a flat area that BC Parks has adapted for a campsite. There is an outhouse.
Nature:Just south of Bishop Creek there is some brilliant yellow lichen patches high on the shear cliffs jutting from the water.
Important Note: We would like to enforce that there are NO fires permitted at any campsite or on any island.