Overnight Rentals


Overnight Rentals

Rates: Price Dependent on Duration Selected

Experience the breathtaking beauty of BC like never before with an overnight kayak rental! Explore stunning destinations such as the Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound, the Broken Group, or discover our cherished local gem: Granite Falls.

Kayak camping is an immensely popular activity in British Columbia, and once you’ve tried it you’ll understand why!

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Twin Islands

Twin Islands is a 5.5km paddle from Deep Cove Kayak. Twin Islands is a great destination for kayaks or stand up paddleboards on a longer day paddle or close overnight trip from Deep Cove. These two islands earned their name because they share a sandy beach connecting them together at low tide.

Twin Island in North Vancouver
Overnight Kayaks

Granite Falls

Granite Falls is a spectacular place to camp. It’s huge waterfall flows down and over rocks for 150 ft and makes a truly fantastic place to lay your head. Camp south of the falls and then head up to the Indian River estuary to check out where the river meets the ocean. If camping here is busy or full you can head to Berg’s Landing where the campsite is usually quieter. 1 leg of this journey can take up to 3.5 hours to complete. Paddling experience is important.

Recommended skillset:
Paddle Canada Level 1

Gulf Islands & further afield

This is the pinnacle of kayaking in this B.C. When heading further afield, we recommend enrolling on a Paddle Canada Level 2 Course first. Enrolling on a Paddle Canada Course will upgrade your kayaking skillset and understanding of the ocean substantially, ensuring safer trips.

Kayaks on a beach at the Gulf Islands