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Deep Cove Perfect CatchWe are Perfect Catch, a fantastic group of women who encourage each other to continually improve in the sport of Dragon Boating. Our Coach Angela Hall appreciates our individuality and inspires our Team to excel in a supportive atmosphere with fun and laughter. We practice twice a week and welcome inquiries from potential paddlers. amandajdickson7@gmail.com
North Shore Dragon Busters
We are the only Breast Cancer dragon boat team on the North Shore and we encourage other survivors to join us to prove that you can still be active and have fun after being diagnosed. Paddling helps us focus on our physical, emotional and mental well-being in a supportive environment.newmembers@dragonbusters.ca
Seventh WaveWe are a dynamic group of women who enjoy fitness and fun. We practice twice a week in picturesque Deep Cove on under the guidance of our experienced coach Susan Mott. We participate in regattas around British Columbia and even further afield. lcmrenaud33@gmail.com
Wave CrashersWe are a recreational women’s team paddling out of Deep Cove. We welcome new paddlers of all ages, ability and fitness level to join our team.  Our coach and experienced members are happy to train “newbies” to the sport, on a one-to-one basis. We practice once a week and participate in Dragon Boat regattas throughout the summer. Our team believes in enjoying life and living it to the fullest through fitness and friendship.dcwavecrashers@gmail.com
InsinkWe are Insink and we are a bunch of ladies who have been together for over 20 years.  We like to paddle hard, play hard and win as many races as we can.  We try to attend at least 2 regattas a season where we have been know to get into a little playful trouble in the beer garden.  If you like to work hard, have fun and want to meet some new people you can get info from us at:insinkdragonboat@gmail.com

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Group of dragon boat ladies

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