We are thrilled to be welcoming back school groups to Deep Cove Kayak this Autumn. Schools are back in session and are taking the opportunity this September and October to take part in outdoor activities.
Now more than ever, outdoor education is incredibly important, it gives students the chance to safely socialize and participate in activities while keeping a distance from each other. At Deep Cove Kayak we pride ourselves in teaching more than just kayaking, we teach students social skills, about pushing their comfort zones, about the history and geography of Indian Arm, about the marine life native to Indian Arm, about conservation and the environment, about water safety, the list goes on!
As a note to our neighbors and community members, this does mean that there will be school busses and larger busses passing through Deep Cove again. In times where physical distancing is important, a lot of schools are opting for larger busses with smaller groups on them so they are able to safely physically distance themselves on board the bus.
All groups that come to us are following regulations laid out by the District Of North Vancouver and are obtaining permits when required to do so (busses with 24 passenger seats or less are not required to obtain a permit to enter Deep Cove)
Please see our Fall Updates for School and Community Groups and our Bus Permitting Infographic for Deep Cove Kayak Groups for more information.
If you did have any questions about busses, or wanted to inquire about bringing your class kayaking this fall, please give our Group Coordinator Katie a call on 604 929 2268 ext 3.
For more information on bus regulations in Deep Cove, check out this link:
For more information on our safety protocols, check out this link: