Truth & Reconciliation Flag

In honour of our first National Truth & Reconciliation Day, and to allow our staff and customers to take the time to reflect and educate themselves on Indigenous issues and peoples here in Canada, we have decided to close our businesses on Thursday September 30th. We hope that you will join us on this day of reflection and reconciliation, and we will be back in full operation on Friday.

As part of our commitment to learning we have offered to our staff that we will redirect their time and pay on that day specifically to their education using the National Truth & Reconciliation resources.
Thankfully, there are many resources online that can be used to learn more, and we as a company, are taking the time to do just that and we encourage you to join us as well.
Here’s some links that we’ve found valuable:
How to watch and listen to National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on CBC
How to give support for TWN Day School and Residential School Survivors
The Government of Canada official website
University of Manitoba – Truth & Reconciliation Week