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Safety First, Always

Kayaking is a risky sportPlease take the time to review the following tips & videos.
It’s risky because there is danger of capsize, hypothermia and even death. Basically when you leave the shore you are on your own, and your decisions will determine whether you have a safe experience or not.

Common Questions Answered

  • Yes, kayaks can capsize
  • No, we will not be following you
  • No, we cannot see you at all times
  • No, the GPS cannot tell if you have capsized

Renters – Please Read and Watch:

If you are a first time paddler, or an untrained paddler, the best first step is to take a lesson, but you have chosen to do it yourself and that’s fine, but knowledge is your friend, and will help you make good decisions. The following videos will ensure you are prepared for your rental.

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TIP: Learn Basic Paddling Skills – By Watching This…

Knowing how to use your paddling gear, and how to move efficiently in the water is key. This video will show you how to best use the tools at your disposal.

Beware: Things can change FAST while paddling

You can be having a wonderful day, enjoying the beauty of Deep Cove, but if you capsize, things get Real very quickly. Can you rescue yourself? Do you have communication to call for help? Is your life jacket on? Our BC waters are cold year round. So survival time is short, so capsizing is a very serious situation to be in.

What to do if you capsize: How to Re-Enter

You are responsible for your own safety

Safety is your responsibility while out on the water, we cannot control your actions. You can call us for help but for us to respond, it takes time. We need to figure out where you are and then find you. Recognizing this requires you to make good choices while on the water. You can reduce the chance of capsize by learning kayaking paddling skills and by not exposing yourself to wind and waves. And surprisingly, by not taking selfies while on the water!

Things You Need to Consider On the Water…

Recognize Your Limitations
Firstly; make sure you are aware of your own skill level. Ask yourself, how fast do I paddle? Can I swim? Have I ever done this before? What is my stamina? Do I have the skills to handle large waves?

Know How the Weather will affect your visit
Wind is a challenge to kayakers. Wind creates waves. Wind will impede your paddling speed. There are certain weather patterns that are somewhat predictable but at other times weather can change quickly. Tip: Stay close to the shore. For the first half, paddling against the windYour return may be easier!

Be on the Lookout for Common Hazards
Such as motor boat traffic. Motor boats create waves! BIG motor boats create BIG WAVES. Not all motor boaters are conscientious. The paddling route you choose can determine whether you will be exposed to motorboat traffic, or whether you are safe out of traffic. Tip: Paddling along the shoreline is generally safer.

The importance of knowing your destination
So when you decide where you will be paddling to, ask yourself: Am I capable of making it to my destination in my allotted rental time? How will the weather impact may plans, will predictable winds help or hurt me? Will I be exposing myself to motor boat traffic? Listen to the advice of our staff. They have local knowledge that will help.

Important Case Study – A common situation where kayakers get into trouble

You have a two hour rental. It’s a beautiful sunny day, during which the wind usually blows up Indian Arm from about noon onward. You choose to paddle northward up Indian Arm with the wind at your back. You don’t notice the wind because you are traveling at the same speed. You are traveling fast due to the tailwind. After an hour or so you decide to turn around. Now you feel the strong wind in your face, your travel speed is reduced because you are fighting the wind and now you are now fatigued. Choose a better strategy: Start by paddling into the wind while you are fresh. Stay close to shore to avoid motorboat traffic, and plan to return with a tailwind to help push you back to Deep Cove.

Why not invest some time in building your skills? Take a Lesson…

Whether you are a new paddler or an experienced kayaker with no formal training, we recommend enrolling on a Paddle Canada Level 1 course. Our instructors at Deep Cove Kayak Centre and Jericho Beach Kayak are among the best in Canada.

Don’t forget to sign your waiver here. Have fun and stay safe!