Bedwell Bay

Croker Island

Silver Falls

Twin Islands

Raccoon Island

Jug Island

Admiralty Point

Belcarra Bay with Hamber and Boulder Islands in the foreground

Belcarra Park

Boulder Island

Cates Park

Berg’s Landing

Granite Falls

Grey Rocks

Hamber Island

Indian River Estuary

Wigwam Inn

Deep Cove

Power Stations

The Buntzen Lake power stations were built in the early 1900’s by either Francis Rattenbury or Robert Lyon (evidence varies). They are striking in appearance and stand out from a long distance. Somewhat gothic in construction, they would make great sets for a horror movie. Unfortunately there is nowhere to land and the private property is owned by BC Hydro.

Francis Rattenbury also designed the parliament buildings and Empress Hotel in Victoria. If you’re interested, check out his story at Wikipedia here, it’s quite a tale involving adultery, conspiracy and murder! One of the stations is still used, creating power from the water from Buntzen Lake above you.

Distance from Deep Cove:10 km one way from Deep Cove
Paddling Time One Way: Fast: 1hr. Avg: 1.5 hr. Leisurely: 2 hr 15 min.
Suggested Route:Paddle the same route as to Raccoon Island, once at Raccoon diagonal north-east across to Twin Islands. From here follow the eastern shoreline.
  • Dangerous currents around power plant can occur when water is being released
  • Afternoon warming on a sunny day creates strong headwinds for your return trip.
  • High motor traffic on busy weekends.
Features: There are 2 power stations located here. They are very impressive structures, which would make great movie sets for a horror movie. The shoreline is very steep here with nowhere to land.
History: These building were constructed in the early 1900’s. Water from Bunzten Lake was initially used to turn the huge water wheels. A tunnel from Coquitlam Lake (5km east) was completed in 1905. Workers were paid $3 – $5/day.