There once was a time when I took part in the weekly Tuesday Night Races. Back in the day Greig G and I would go toe to toe almost every Tuesday. Those were simpler times when I could train once a week and keep up with the pack. This past Tuesday before the race, I took to the water once again for the first time in a couple of years. Looking to exceed expectations and pick up where I left off years ago, I set my eyes on Lone Rock. A respectable distance as it is usually the first race of the TNR season.


I set off on a 14′ All-Star supplied by Mike D, a formidable choice of board to race on. I was cutting through the water with ease. My stroke was quick and powerful, with a hint of grace. I looked down at my Strava, and I was steamrolling through this paddle, I felt good. Hitting speeds of 10kph I was thinking to myself; Mike can’t be that good. I hit my 15-minute mark, and I was 100 meters past Lone rock, impressed yet? I know I was at the time.


As I was turning around, I noticed something. This wind seemed a lot stronger now, and the current was against me. I came to a quick and horrifying realization that I did not have superhuman paddling abilities. It was the wind paired with the ocean current on the way out that was fueling my incredible speed. And now… It was mother nature’s turn to inflict some severe pain upon me and my ego. Long story short I have the utmost respect for all the racers who go out there weekly and race. One day soon you’ll see me out there again.


This week’s TNR brought with it some overcast, muggy weather and Orcas. I have yet to see any Orcas, but every day for the last week, someone manages to capture them on social media. I was talking to Seth Putnam before the race, and he said he wanted a win this summer as it has never happened before. Sure enough, Seth wishes came true with a photo finish against Connor Curson. There are a lot of racers in new boats this season making for some fast and furious finishes. Warren brought home 3rd in his new boat, and Mike Fitz and Max Le Tallec look super speedy in their new vessels as well. Keep it fellas.


The 14″ SUP division was an interesting one this week as Mike D chose to put the board aside and race Surf Ski. That left Adam G to take home top honors and Jason Bennett finishing six-tenths of a second behind the young stud. Longtime DCCKC employee Imre Mihalik had himself a night as well. As he had a come from behind 5th place finish edging out Dorian Harris for a personal best. Krista Cline also looked to be in fine form after a long weekend at nationals. Keep up the stellar work TJ.


There was a big showing in the OC1 category. Tony Hodanic took home 1st place, and Ken Asano and Chris Fibich rounded out 2nd and 3rd. There are some beautifully designed OC1s that have been popping up at TNR. The SUPs and Surf Skis could take some notes from there more beautiful counterparts. It was good to see Cynthia Wonham and Richard Wong representing the SUP 12’6 division. Good work out there you two!


I hope you all enjoyed this week’s read and we will see you all again next week!


Cameron Underhill

Race Results: Race Results click here