Last night I attended my first après TNR raven night. Even after working Tuesday Night Races for a better part of a decade I’ve never once stepped foot into the Raven on a Tuesday. I don’t know if it was pure curiosity that drove me there or the fact that beer and burgers were on Bob Putnam that night. As I sat in the dimly lit bar, usually filled with Deep Cove delinquents, I was blown away by the sense of community and comradery these people have for TNR and each other. As the racers sat and watched the race film, people were trading paddling tips, stories, or just having a great conversation. And who knew that after 21 years, a day of the week, that’s is otherwise seen as pointless, would become so significant for a select group of people. I feel so thankful to be a part of a community with such amazing people, and we owe a big thanks to those who make it possible for us to continue to feel this way.


Even though I have moved on from the kayak shop for some time now, it’s this infectious feeling of belonging and good people that make me want to keep coming back every year to drive the race boat on Tuesday night. We should all feel so lucky to be a part of something bigger than us all, and I hope it continues for years to come.


If you have never been to the Raven on a Tuesday night you better or I would highly recommend it, I mean how many people can say they look forward to Tuesday… It just makes the week that much better.


Race # 8 brought sunshine and good vibes to Deep Cove after a week full of rain. It’s always amazing to see what a glimmer of sunlight can do to one’s mood, and this Tuesday everyone seemed to be having fun. The boys on the boat were hooting and hollering as they cheered racers down the final stretch. This week’s race had the option of a short, medium, and long course. With the long course taking the athletes out to Twin Island and back. Seeing as we always start with the Surfskis first, we will switch it up this week.


The tale of the tape for the short course is as follows. It was Krista Cline and Greg Kabatoff battling it out for 1st place rights in the 14″ SUP division. With Krista taking home the gold, it was a good effort by both paddlers. It was good to see Daryl and Max Remmler out there in the double surf ski coming home with the overall victory for the short course. Way to go boys!


There was a bit of a SUP controversy as all the big guns colluded and opted out of the long course and agreed to race the medium course. You could see the train of 6 paddlers from quarry rock as the racers plugged their way around the Indian Arm. In the end, it was Adam G battling off Jason Bennett for victory and Evan G outlasting Mike D for 3rd place. A good showing from the Blackfish brothers. There was some praise for the boat drivers from both Tim Q and Greig G. We appreciate the love! As for the Surfskis, it was Sean Hulscher and Deep Cove Employee Buzz Harris with the one and two finish and Tania Hulscher in 3rd.


As for the long course, it wasn’t the front pack that had the exciting finish this week. There was a group of about ten paddlers all together 100 meters out from the government doc. There was a good battle between Steve Juranovics, Matt Kelly, and Martin Rother for the winner of that group and followed closely behind was Rod Hope, Andrew Horembala, Paule Hansen, and Mike Fitzmaurice. These guys battled to the end, and it made for a great race!

Thank you all for another great Tuesday, and we will see you next week!

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