Before we get to the race update here is some insight on the behind the scenes action you racers never get to hear about.

It was 5:45 PM on a beautiful TNR race afternoon, and I was feeling pressure, the way Rupert Jasper, a former employee of DCCKC and current cameraman, use to feel when a large high school group arrived at the cove.

“I feel like I got a pile of cattle chasing me around, and I’m paddling as hard as I can to stay in front of em.”

That’s what ol’ Rupert use to say before every high school tour.

It’s what I was thinking when I scrambled in the passenger door of Ruperts Van — at exactly quarter to 6:00.

Did I forget to set the alarm for my after work nap? Yes, I did. So I got a late start — sort of like boat driver Cameron Underhill and his late growth spurt.

Both Rupert and I were familiar with the traffic horror stories when one gets started late on race day afternoon, and one lives across the bridge, and the destination is Deep Cove. We eventually made it unscathed and ready for action.

The sun is shining, the parking lot is full of weird pointy kayaks, and there are a bunch of men in tights running about… it must be a Tuesday.

All eyes were on the SUPs last night as TNR had their first SUP Technical Course of the season. The race consisted of 3 laps with several zigzags, and some physical buoy turns. As for the rest of the crew, the 5.6 km course took them out to Bedwell Bay and back, which is a step up from last weeks time trial.

The turnout was consistent again as 89 racers showed up for the 6th TNR of the season. It was a night of Surfski doubles as our number continues to grow in that category. Steve Juranovics and Dari Fisher teamed up, and boy was that a powerful combination. Longtime racers Katja and Jeff took home 2nd place and Shane, Linda, and Alex claimed 3rds place as they continue to warm everyone’s hearts racing as a family.

As for the Single Surf Skis, Rob Hansen fought hard for first place, and young Seth Putnam managed to fight off Bob to secure another fantastic finish. It’s always lovely to see racers switch up their disciplines. Joel Perkins put down the board and picked up a paddle last night, and he did not disappoint!

The prone and OC Class suffered from a few locals being away, but James and Stuart raced hard and will be sure to have company in coming weeks. Who knows maybe the lack paddlers this week has to do with the big race on Saturday.

For the 14’ SUPs it was an exciting race. It was Mike, Evan, and Adam who rounded out the top three as the Grebrecht boys furiously chased darb around the course. However, the battle to watch last night was between Shannon Bell and Kelvin Humenny. After being away for the last couple of races, Shannon was not taking any time off while she was away. In 12’6 category Finn Stanhope continues to dominate as he follows in the footsteps of his father. Keep up the excellent work Finn!

Just a reminder that the Board The Fjord is almost here!! It’s happening this Saturday, May 11th and registration is still open. Even if you don’t want to race come on down and support your local paddlers as they battle for bragging rights and ultimate glory. See you all next week.

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