One of the most beautiful things about watching TNR, or paddling in general really, is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. There are moments when the endurance paddlers seem to defy physics, slicing through the water at an unreal pace for miles at a time… or they’re getting shelled out the back during a buoy race. Sometimes it’s the bigger, more powerful sprinters that are dominating. Other times, it’s the courageous breakaway that steals the limelight and races for the win. Non more exciting than the time trial or, as the French call it, the race against the watch!

Racing mano a mano, last nights TNR did not disappoint as not only were there 97 racers on the water but also about 100 people on the government doc cheering us all on. I mean you would expect nothing less than to see five or six cameras on a Tuesday night. We do apologize for the late start to the race but they don’t call Deep Cove “Hollywood North” for nothing.

All disciplines were well represented in this race. Brad Roark and Gary Cassulis cleaned up in the prone division both posting some pretty stellar times. We hope to see the pair of you out again next week. Keep up the good work boys!

The surf ski class, as usual, was boasting with some serious talent. As the dominant Connor Curson took home top honours and Seth Putnam, Rob Hansen, Eric Verster, and Dari Fisher rounded out the top five. Both Warren Bruce and Daryl Remmler were right in the thick of it too, but they know its a long season, and they will strike when the times right.

It was a big showing for the outrigger class and Tony, Brad, and Stuart seemed to be having a pretty good battle going on finishing just minutes apart from one another. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of these titans of the water show up as the weather starts to turn.

As for the 14’ SUPs it was business as usual, Mike and Jason go one and two and our boy Evan G is home from school!. That being said it was good to see another old face out on the water tonight. After recovering from a torn pec Geordie Goodman made his TNR debut. He was seen surfing the wake of the safety boat and bringing up the rear. Both Krista Cline and Shauna Magowan made easy work of Geordie as he struggled to keep up with the two powerhouses.

In the 12’ SUP division Sean Gibson claimed the top time, and young Finn Stanhope was not far behind. Good to see you out their again Finn!

As most of you know by now the “TNR Fantasy League” has been gaining popularity. This is the 2nd year of its existence but until now was unknown to most of the racers. Give them a follow for an in-depth experience of TNR like you’ve never seen before @tnrfantasy on Instagram and Facebook. Also, keep in mind that the Board The Fjord is happening on May 11th. There is just over a week left so hurry up and register! See you all next week.
– Cam

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