Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of the TNR weekly. Last night was a special race for me. The reason being is I raced for the first time in 4 years. Now that being said just because I have not been racing doesn’t mean I wasn’t secretly training for this specific race for two months. It was the Maple Beach Multi-Sport race and let’s say I picked it for a reason. It was my one chance to take down some of TNR’s biggest SUP giants. I felt I had an excellent opportunity as there was more than just paddling involved. There was a 1.8Km run followed by a 200M swim than another run and finishing on the board.


Being back on the start line at TNR was a blast. Kelvin was chatting me up before the race, and I think he was trying to throw me off my game. Regardless, I stuck to my plan I had a quick start and got ahead early so I could avoid the chop from paddles thrashing. I knew I couldn’t compete in a straight-up paddle so I sat back and reserved my energy for the run where I knew I had my best shot of making up time. I was the 6th SUP to hit Belcara Beach, and I basically tossed my gear to the side and just sprinted. Catching Tim first, Dorian, then last but not least big Kelvin “The Situation” Humenny. I held them all off through the swim and sprinted hard to my board. I knew the race wasn’t done so I conserved my energy till I hit the south 5 Knot can where I look over my shoulder and who do I see…? None other than Dorain himself breathing down my neck. I managed to hold him off as my legs were barely able to keep my body on my board. As a turn to congratulate Dorian before I can say a word, he turns to me and says in a friendly tone, “You little ****.” At that moment I knew then I had done my job.


As I did not view this weeks race, it’s based on the results and the conversations I heard at the Raven. There was quite the buzz in the SS division as Lucas Putnam also made his return to TNR. But it was the veteran Rob Hansen who took home the multi-sport honours — followed by Seth Putnam, David Kvick, and Lucas Putnam. It was back and forth between the two brothers as Seth had the edge on the paddle out, but Lucas passed him on the run and swim. Good work to you both.


In the 14″ SUP division it was Jason Bennett who took home 1st. He may or may not have been getting a free ride from Davide on the way out, but we will let it slide this time Jason. Gary Parsons placed 2nd followed by yours truly in 3rd. One highlight to note is the jumping abilities of one Seth Cox, who took home 1st place in the diving competition out at Maple Beach. For those of you who saw the race footage at the Raven, you know what I mean.


Thanks again everyone for reading… if you do reads this.. Next big event coming up is the Indian Arm Challenge on September 14th. Register as a team or solo. We will see you all next week!

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