Summer has been in full swing for months now, but Last night’s TNR was a hot one for all. Paddlers were seen purposely capsizing their boats and talking about how they ‘can’t wait for winter. You wait… one cold day of weather and ‘you’ll be wishing it was 30+ again. But that’s just the curse of living in Vancouver.


There were two separate courses tonight. For the Surfskis, the destination was Camp Howdy. For the SUPs, it was another technical buoy course designed by yours truly as Mike D was up in the clouds somewhere between Vancouver and Lima. For all those who raced the long course in a SS or Kayak had a little treat as there were a few whale splashes as the racers passed Lone Rock.


As is tradition we will start with the Surf Ski division. ‘I’ve known Seth Putnam since he was a child and last night Seth showed ‘he’s no longer that child, but a man possessed. Not sure where this sudden burst of dominance came from, but last night Seth beat out all single surf skiers by almost a full minute. The double ski of Katja and Jeff were a close 2nd, and Daryl Remmler took home 3rd. Last night’s short course honors to Jay Inouye (look who decided to show up), Chris Mulder in 2nd, and Joel Jeangrand.


Time for the SUP division. My inspiration for this course came from being a goofy foot. It consisted of 3 or 4 right-hand turns. It seems with Mike away in Peru, and big Geordie Goodman is nowhere in sight the Gerbrecht brothers have taken over TNR. Adam takes home 1st with Evan and Jason Bennett close behind. The real battle of the race took place further back in the field as Timmy Q, Shannon Bell, and Dorrian Harries were all battling it out to the finish line. This battle may have been fueled by the race boat, but it made for excellent photos.


Pull out your swimming caps and running shoes because next week is another multi-sport. This time we are heading out to maple beach shorter swim, but I think longer run. In other news, make sure you sign up for the Indian Arm challenge happening on September 14.


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