Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of the TNR weekly race report. This week’s race brought us to Cates Park, and I wish we would hold more races there because the setting was beautiful. The park was not too busy, and there were no sailboats to dodge. This week we switched things up I got to take some photos and enjoy the ride for once. It was lovely being on the boat and getting to enjoy the scenery around me instead of swamping racers with boat wake.


It was a relatively small race on Tuesday due to Gorge Downwind Champs. Most of the top TNR Surf Skiers make the annual trek south of the border for some wind and bumps. With 52 racers in attendance, this was one of the smallest turn outs all year. All year we have been amazed by the participation of the weekly race, and we hope it continues to grow year after year.


In the surf ski division, which had a whopping nine paddlers Tuesday evening, Martin Rother took home top honors. John George and Dari Fisher were close behind as they battled it out for 2nd and 3rd place. The elusive Rob Hansen made an appearance last Tuesday and placed a respectable 4th place. We hope to see more of your face around these parts Rob.


As for the paddleboard division the usual suspects were out minus Tim Q who was doing his thing down south. We hope you had a good race Tim, but you were dearly missed this past Tuesday. It was Davide Cina who has strung together back to back TNR wins and is looking good on his new 14” Sprint. Followed Closely by Evan G, It was a photo finish between the two powerhouses. Matt Abbott made an appearance as well. His highlight of the night was catching a screamer of a wave from one of the yachts passing by. Sick ride Matty.


Most notably in the short course, it was John Joyce who placed 2nd! Looking good and leaving everyone in his dust. Strong race John!


A couple of things to note coming up! Mike Darbyshire is heading off to Peru this Tuesday and needs your support. There is a gofund me page to help support Mike and the other paddle athletes representing Canada. Click here to help support them. Secondly, the Indian Arm Challenge is back, and registration is open! Register now or miss out on the adventure of a lifetime, early bird registration is open until August 7th. See you all next week!

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