Last nights TNR was full of excitement as the Starboard One Design buoy course has the cove buzzing. This course was an original set up as the race crew changed things up by adding in a SUPER LAP that must be completed before finishing the race. Also, a deadly criss cross was added, making for some unnecessary action at a usually tame segment of the competition.

The SUP field was on an even playing field last night as 32 ASAP took to the waters for a physical race. When I say physical, I mean “physical.” Stanhope senior was using his paddle to push Dorian around, and Mike D was spotted using his board to slow down Jason. In the end, this race is all fun and games as its unusual that all the racers get to be together for the majority of the competition.

An unusually low Surfski turnout made for some exciting competition Tuesday night. Shane, Linda, and Alex took 1st place as they blew away their competition! Bob and Warren rounded out 2nd and 3rd as the surf skiers were exhausted after a treacherous 8km course. Max Le Tallec, Matt Kelly, and Rod Hope had a great battle coming down the stretch while also trying to dodge some boat traffic right at the finish line. Keep your head up boys.

The prone division had one lone racer Tuesday night, and that racer was Brad Roark. He powered his way around the long course with an impressive time. I am not sure how Brad does it but a massive shout out to Brad for completing that fantastic feat of strength. As for the OC1 division, it was Ken Asano once again maintaining his dominance followed closely by Stuart Higginson and Chris Fibich.

The SUP race started from the beach, which created chaos in trying to reach the first buoy. It was an exciting race as Evan, Tim, and a handful of others opted to do the super lap later in the race while Mike, Jason, Kelvin and co when full steam ahead on the first lap. In the end, Evan, who opted to go out on his own was overtaken by the draft train lead by Mike D who also claimed 1st followed by Jason and Adam. Seth Putnam made some waves last night as he picked up paddle board for the first time this season and fared well against the competition. The real story of the night was Finn Standhope, who claimed 1st place in the three-lap course! Congrats Finn!

We have a unique race taking place next week. It’s the Red Bull take over! Racers should be prepared for anything next week as you can expect something different. See you all next week!

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