The anticipation last Tuesday night was high as pros from all over the globe descended on Deep Cove. The long awaiting Pro Vs Joes race couldn’t have gone any better. With a record high in attendance, 124 racers this marked one of the biggest TNRs in recorded history. I was privileged enough to get to watch the race from the water. To be able to watch a handful of the world’s most elite paddlers was a real treat and something I always look forward to every season. With flawless technique and unmatched power the pros made easy work of most of TNRs best and brightest paddlers.


As the Canadian Downwind Champs are this weekend the course was a relatively quick one, just a short 6KM out and around the southern island of the Indian Arm. As is tradition the Joes start first, and there was a 4-minute delay for the start of the pro wave.


In the surf ski division, Pro Sam Norton claimed 1st place overall followed closely by Kenney Rice and Macca Hynard. The three pros were charging through the field, leaving most of TNRs top paddlers at the wayside. The only two to escape the clutches of the Pros were Seth Putnam and Wes Hammer who were side by side the whole race and finished 12th and 13th overall. Way to stick it to the pros! Georgia Laird and Teneale Hatton made easy work of the TNR racers and passed every single one of them. Way to keep their egos in check ladies!


The prone division has seen a resurgence in attendance as of late. The long course saw action from the likes of Daniel Berube and Santi Morales. Both were looking strong and had a great battle out there! And for the short course Brad Roark, Krista Cline, and Isy Humenny held down the fort. Good to see lots of action in the prone division and we hope it continues for weeks to come!


As for the SUP division, unfortunately, there were no pros present. However, our local pro Mike D was finally back out on the water after three long weeks of recovery. Great to see you back at it Mike and we wish you luck on the upcoming Pan American Games! Old face Davide Cina showed up Tuesday night, and this man has been training hard. He took 1st overall followed closely by Adam G and Evan G. And in the short course, we had DCCKC staff member Guy Rosenfeld make his TNR debut. Putting down the weights and picking up a paddle, Guy had a great race.


Keep in mind the Canadian Downwind Champs are this Saturday! If you want another shot at redemption trying to beat the pros, this is your only chance until next year. If not we will see you all again next week same time same place!

Cameron Underhill

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