Penguin Plunge At Home 2021

🐧 #penguinplungeathome2021 📷

The world is very different right now and our annual Penguin Plunge will be different too!
And, for those of you that thought you had avoided a cold plunge this year, think again… Penguin Plunge 2021 will be a celebration from your own home! 🙌
So, gather the family and let them know what’s happening this year:
1. January 1st, find a tub, kiddie pool or something similar, and fill it with cold water (7 degrees)…. Extra kudos if you add ice ❄️AND costumes are highly appreciated!!
2. Post your image OR video online with the hashtag #penguinplungeathome2021
3. To receive your Penguin Plunge 2021 commemorative button, email your image to us at
Most important step: Have FUN and make way for 2021! 🎉
Sending us your images will help our continuing support of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, Station 2.  For every person pictured with the hashtag, we’ll donate a dollar to their cause (to a maximum of $1,500), as we’re forever grateful for their hard work and for keeping us safe out on the water!
Pro tip: Do your Penguin Plunge outside, in super cold conditions, and your abs will have extra pop in your pictures, just like @karlysdarbyshire