Stroke Efficiency


Stroke Efficiency

Rates: $70 plus GST
Dates: Every Wednesday 6pm - 8pm
Age: 16+

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Paddle Further & Faster with Less Effort

Kayakers of all abilities: This skill is important!

This course will show you how to paddle easier, more powerfully, and more efficiently. As you propel through the water, you’ll be saving energy and you will be able to paddle further. In this two-hour course, you will learn the key concepts of an efficient forward stroke through both on-land and on-water exercises and drills. Your instructor will give you personalized feedback on the key changes you can develop to allow you to move your kayak more efficiently and have more fun paddling!

Who should enroll on this course

If you’re comfortable paddling a sea kayaking or surfski at a leisurely pace, then this is a perfect course for you.


No of Sessions1
Price$70 (excl tax)

$25 non-refundable registration fee (per person per lesson). 14 days notice before first day of your lesson is required to reschedule or to cancel for a refund (not including the non-refundable $25 registration fee)

Every Wednesday

May – SeptemberWednesdays6pm-8pm

What to Bring

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We run a similar course at Jericho Beach Kayak (Vancouver)

graphic explaining that you can take a similar lesson at JBK

Jericho Beach Kayak run an Intro to Kayaking course that covers paddle stroke efficiency at Jericho Beach. Click Here for more info