As the long weekend is coming up here, and you may be thinking about going on an overnight kayaking trip we thought we’d just put some things together that you should be thinking about before heading out.


Now, might sound like a given considering you’re going on an overnight trip BUT just check that a) your tent will fit in your kayak, and b) that you have all the parts you might need. There’s nothing worse than trying to bend your tent poles to fit them through a hatch, or finding out you left the tent fly at home. Or your sleeping bag. Or your sleeping pad. Or your favourite teddy bear.  Circus Tent


Have your day snacks in a separate bag that is accessible to you from the cockpit. These should be high energy and easy to eat – energy bars, trail mix or fruit that doesn’t bruise easily. You will be grateful when you don’t have to stop to search through your dry bags to find your snacks when you just get a bit peckish or need a bit of a pick-me-up. For your main meals – take bear bags and hang your food so you don’t attract the wildlife – bears or raccoons can really put a downer on things if they find your delicious chili you prepared before your trip!


Probably the biggest failing of a trip I went on for two nights once was to not take enough water. You get pretty miserable without it, so be aware that where you are going might not have a supply of fresh water. Even on Indian Arm,  there is no running water available on Twin Islands (no water at all in fact), Berg’s Landing or Granite Falls so you have to be able to purify your water, or bring enough with you for your stay.Water pump


Take at least one gas stove with you in case one fails, or if you are planning on cooking over a fire make sure you have checked that where you are going allows campfires. The Provincial Park that Indian Arm is in has a campfire ban in effect year round. We all saw the consequences that wildfires caused last year and should all do our part to prevent that happening again.

Having FUN!

We live in a beautiful place. Get out, explore it and enjoy it as MUCH as you possibly can. Our recommendations:

  • Make smores
  • Eat smores
  • Make more smores
  • Eat more smores
  • Sleep happy.Boy eating smores

Doing all of these things should go some way to ensure you have a happy and successful trip, just like these guys.