So. It’s 2016 and you want to get into stand up paddle boarding? We have a whole ream of new SUPs just arrived at our retail store, Deep Cove Outdoors on Lynn Avenue, and this post gives you a rundown of the new styles and what you can expect.

Amundson Hawaii

Amundson have consistently produced the most accessible touring board we have found, which means even a complete beginner can buy a more advanced board and grow with it. The advantage to you is that it means you won’t need to buy a new board anytime soon as these remain fun for multiple seasons. There are 11’6” and 12’6” options, and carbon or fibreglass in both.

This year I think they have surpassed themselves with the design which is colourful, fun and hip for all options. The carbon/bamboo boards show the bamboo on the deck, carbon on the base, and are typically 5-6 lbs lighter than the fibreglass boards. They retail between $1935 and $3354 depending on board choice and construction.

Amundson have also redesigned the 14’ TR-X, to improve race AND downwind performance, by sending more water under the board to initiate planing, as opposed to out to the sides or up in the air and onto the deck. The racy red looks FAST!


Starboard’s specialties are two-fold – the inflatables and race boards they produce are, to put it simply, the best on the market.

The inflatables are rock solid, so much so that it’s hard to tell they even are inflatables when fully blown up. That means solid performance, with the bonus of being somewhat more versatile for transport and storage. There are different versions for surfing, touring and flatwater performance, and retail for between $1379 and $2069 depending on make and model.

We are STOKED to be offering Starboard’s race boards this year! We will have demos of most of the All Star (14’ and 12’6) range in Hybrid Carbon or Carbon Sandwich, as well as the Elite Touring in 12’6 in fibreglass or 14’ in the wood. The carbon boards are well worth the investment – you never regret getting the lighter option!


New options from Boardworks look AWESOME this year – now we haven’t actually got these in yet BUT the Raven has always been popular because it is just a GORGEOUS board. And the new Kraken and the Great Bear are keeping up with it. They are fantastic touring boards – more volume than the Amundson boards gives additional buoyancy so can carry larger paddlers or more gear.

We’ll keep you posted when they arrive in – you’re going to want to see them in person. As always, if you have any questions about SUPs or any other products we sell you can pop in to Deep Cove Outdoors where our LOVELY staff can help, or give us a call on 604.987.2202. AND of course you can always take our Intro to SUP Lesson to get you started – a lesson that you get FREE when you buy a new board from Deep Cove Outdoors!

What board are you looking at?? Are you stoked for the new season and getting out on the water? Let us know!