At Deep Cove Kayak we currently have 5 dragon boat teams practicing out of our facility.

Seventh Wave – contact for team inquiries –

We are a dynamic group of women who enjoy fitness and fun. We practice twice a week in picturesque Deep Cove on under the guidance of our experienced coach Susan Mott. We participate in regattas around British Columbia and even further afield. 

North Shore Dragon Busters – Contact for Team Inquiries –

We are the only Breast Cancer dragon boat team on the North Shore and we encourage other survivors to join us to prove that you can still be active and have fun after being diagnosed. Paddling helps us focus on our physical, emotional and mental well-being in a supportive environment.

Insink – Wendy Meredith –

Perfect Catch – Carol Patton –

7th Wave – Wendy Evans –

DC Wave Crashers – Dorothy Gigliotti –