There are a number of people who paddle with us that everyone, just EVERYONE, in the whole shop knows and loves. The Slack family – dad Frazer, mum Jennie and 8 year old Rhys – are definitely some of our favourites! Their enthusiasm for paddling has taken them through from getting Season’s Passes for the first time and taking lessons, to Kids Camps for Rhys and a Level 2 Skills kayaking course for Frazer after buying kayaks of their own! You could say they are life-long converts. I caught up with them on a sunny winter morning just before they headed out on one of their frequent family paddles to find out what got them so stoked on paddling:

Slack family kayaking

Deep Cove Kayak: Hello Slack Family! First off this year you got Season’s Passes for the family for the first time – what encouraged you to go for it feet first??

Frazer Slack: Usually with me I tend to go in with 100% commitment – no half measures! We knew we wanted to kayak this year and the Season’s Pass seemed the best way to let us take advantage of living so close [they live on the main street of Deep Cove – lucky!] to the rental location.

DCK: And what was it about kayaking particularly?

FS: We’ve lived in Deep Cove for two years now, and had visited family here for the last 10 years from Ladner and always loved the idea of getting out on the water. I wanted to get some low impact exercise as I have a knee injury, so when we moved here it was just a case of getting around to it. This year was the year to learn!

Jennie Slack: I had kayaked in High School and done a multi-day trip to Campbell River and really enjoyed it. Living in the Cove we wanted to get out on the water and explore this beautiful area from the water.

DCK: And Rhys, how have you liked kayaking this year?

Rhys Slack: I loved my kayak camp where Ollie and Spencer were my teachers. We played Paddle Roulette which was really fun, and I even learned to flip my boat so I went into the water! I like being on the water and paddling my own boat [he has an Old Town Heron single kayak] – I made it all the way to Twin Islands without needing a tow!

DCK: And what’s your favourite place to paddle to?

RS: I like going to Raccoon Island, getting out of my kayak and having lunch while exploring.

JS: I also like going to Raccoon and seeing all the marine life on the submerged rocks. I love the wildlife – at Admiralty Point we’ve seen kingfishers and otters which has been really special. I never knew otters were so noisy when they ate!

RS: And the jellies!

Raccoon Island Deep Cove
Raccoon Island

DCK: You’re heading out to paddle now – will you continue through the winter?

FS: I don’t mind the rain so I will continue to go in all weathers – my drysuit certainly helps! If it’s nice out, for sure we’ll go as a family. When we live so close there’s no reason not to go – we take our kayaks down on wheels and just go where we please. Next year we’d like to take more lessons, and maybe do a trip from Hornby Island. We just love it, and can’t get enough!

DCK: Thanks guys – have a great paddle!

Frazer & friend after paddling in drysuits
Frazer and buddy Greg on Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills Course