So far I’ve had the privilege of talking to a Tuesday Night Racer, and a Women on Water paddler, so this week I thought I’d take it one step beyond and talk to a paddler who does both! I talked to Lisa Macleay as she was getting ready for Race Night.

Deep Cove Kayak: Hey Lisa, so what brought you to paddling with us?

Lisa Macleay: About 9 years ago, I moved to Ravenwoods and was looking for something to keep me fit. I used to run marathons but wanted to move on from that and learning to kayak seemed like a good fit, as being on the water gave me the peace and tranquility I was looking for.

DCK – Did you take lessons, or just get out paddling?

LM – I did take lessons yes, the Intro to Kayaking and Self Rescue courses. I only kayaked a couple times that first year, and then when I went back the next year they told me I had to redo my capsize course if I wanted to paddle solo, so I needed people to paddle with!

Lisa M

DCK – So that’s how you came to Women on Water?

LM – Yes – I think it was Viviane at the shop who told me about it, and it sounded like a great way to paddle with people, practice paddling and be social. And it still is!

DCK – And how did that lead to Tuesday Night Races?

LM – I was getting more confident with my paddling, had taken the Intro to Surfski lesson, and wanted more of a challenge so about 4 years ago I started racing. It still had the social aspect, but it gave me more of a push and a workout. So now I do both whenever I can.

DCK – What keeps you coming back?
LM – I keep working on improving my paddling, something which was measured recently with the time trial race – I shaved 7 whole minutes off my time compared to at the start of the season. A lesson with Bob certainly helped that, he showed me how to improve my technique and I’ve been working on that since – I couldn’t believe HOW much of a difference it made, it was even a much rougher night on the water the second time too!

DCK – Where is your favourite route to paddle at either TNR or WOW?

LM – I love going North out of Deep Cove, where you can get away from all the people, and the hustle and bustle of life to relax and enjoy the quietness. The views are just amazing. I also love taking my Wheaton Terrier, Maggie, out paddleboarding with me from the Cove and she loves it!
Raccoon Island in Indian Arm on a misty morning

DCK – Lastly – what do you do in the off season when you’re not paddling?

LM – I still run a bit, and skate ski and some swimming. I look forward to the paddling though, and particularly the sense of community here – seeing the same people week on week and year on year, it really gives you the feeling that you belong.

Thanks to Lisa, and to all our paddlers who contribute to the community that she refers to. It’s certainly one of the lovely things about working here and I know how much I value that.