It’s safe to say that we have a strong stand up paddleboarding community in Deep Cove! Whether you head out by yourself, with friends and family, or join some of our local races and clinics, it’s a fun sport that certainly compliments the waters of Deep Cove!

We appreciate SUP and feel like there are good reasons to get into it! If you’ve wondered whether you should try SUP, perhaps knowing why we appreciate it, may help you take that step!

1. It’s Easy to get in to!

You don’t need balance like a ballerina to get started. The ease at which you can enter the sport is something that you can enjoy every step of the way. We rent out beginner boards every season at Deep Cove Kayak, and a high percentage of our renters have not tried SUP before. As you progress, you can opt for faster boards (if you like challenges). They require more technical ability and better balance, but will keep you challenged! What’s great about SUP in Deep Cove is that it’s easy to find a community of SUP paddlers that can help you learn the way!

2. You can use it in various conditions

Because SUP is growing in popularity, you can find it in almost all corners of the world. If you paddle in a lake or calm conditions, it can be quite a therapeutic experience! On the other hand, you can choose to take SUP on to open water or even a river. You won’t run out of conditions or places to enjoy it! If you’re paddling out in Deep Cove, you can get the best of both worlds. Inside the Cove is calm, but on certain days when you venture out of the Cove, you can experience choppier water (and boat wakes) where you can practise and hone your balance!

3. It’s a workout!

We have multiple islands that some locals in Deep Cove will use as distance targets. You can really cover some ground on the waters here! SUP is known for improving your core strength, as well as toning all your limbs. There are other obvious health benefits to working out, and you can certainly reap the benefits on a SUP board.

4. Mother Nature

Spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to improve your health and happiness. It’s been shown to lower stress, blood pressure and heart rate, while encouraging physical activity and buoying mood and mental health. If you haven’t already gone out on the waters of the Indian Arm, we highly recommend it! It’s beautiful. The Indian Arm mountain ranges are about as majestic as it gets. When you SUP the waters here, you are in the middle of Mother Nature’s living and breathing artwork! Take a breath and enjoy!

5. Community

We have a strong community of paddlers that head out on to the waters of Deep Cove. We can say from personal experience, that they are also a SUPer friendly bunch! Following our facebook page will keep you up to date as to what our community of paddlers are planning next. At Deep Cove Kayak, we offer clinics, workshops and even a weekly racing series. You can find more info on this website, and book a lesson or rental here too.


If you are interested in getting a stand up paddleboard, check out our sale at Coast Outdoors. You can find a collection of our SUP boards for sale on our facebook shop page at Coast Outdoors.