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Wigwam Inn

The Wigwam Inn is a beautiful old hotel located at the northern end of Indian Arm with a long and notorious history. It is now privately owned by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and not open to the public so kayakers and stand up paddleboarders can look but not land or dock there.

The Inn was built in 1909, financed by Alvo von Alvensleben a German born entrepreneur who came to Vancouver in the early 1900’s as poor as poor could be. Within 5 years he was a real estate king, and the Wigwam was just one of many financial backings he made, rumoured to have been assisted by Kaiser Wilhelm.

Notorious guests of the Wigwam include John D Rockefeller and John Jacob Astor, both millionaires of their time, as well as it being a rumoured hideout of Al Capone which led to a raid by the RCMP.

Distance from Deep Cove:19 km
Paddling Time One Way: Fast: 3 hr. Avg: 4 hr. Leisurely: 6 hr.
Suggested Route:Paddle the west shore of Indian Arm.
  1. You can feel the current from the Indian River Estuary. After a long paddle it feels like you will never reach your destination.
  2. If paddling from Deep Cove, please be aware that the shores of Indian Arm are steep with few beaches to land on that are not private.
  3. Because this is a yacht club, there will be more motorboat traffic in this area.
  4. Be careful of motorboat traffic in the west channel between Croker Island and the mainland
Features: This historic inn opened in 1910 as a world-class resort. It was built with financing by Count Gustav Constantin Alvo Van Alvensleben and changed hands several times and was raided by RCMP for operating a gambling hall. Among its many guests were John D. Rockefeller and John Jacob-Astor. The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club currently owns the Wigwam Inn. Unfortunately you must be a member or know a member to do anything other than look. The building has a full industrial kitchen, shower and many nice hotel style suites. The view from the balconies is spectacular.
Nature: The grounds have been landscaped with many rockwall and there are stands of deciduous trees laden with moss.