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Silver Falls

Silver Falls is located about two thirds of the way up Indian Arm. Tucked away in a nook of the steep west shore line it can be easily missed. The Tsleil-Waututh Nation (People of the Inlet) believe that it is not appropriate to look at Silver Falls.

The easiest way to get there and not miss it is to paddle up the west shore of the Arm, going past Lone Rock Point and Best Point.

Important Note:

Silver Falls and the surrounding land is privately owned, so please enjoy the view but do not leave your vessel here. 

Distance from Deep Cove:12 km
Paddling Time One Way:Fast: 2 hr. Avg: 3 hr. Leisurely: 4 hr.
Suggested Route:Paddle the west shore of Indian Arm
  • Currents in the mouth of the falls can be tricky for inexperienced paddlers
  • The water is very deep here and often large harbour cruise boats pull right up close.
  • Private Land – Do not trespass
Features:Great falls
Nature:You may also see harbour seals hanging out here.