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Belcarra Bay with Hamber and Boulder Islands in the foreground

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Jug Island

Jug Island is one of the closest destinations to Deep Cove. Located adjacent to Jug Island is probably the best beach on Lower Indian Arm. It makes for a great place to hang out, swim and enjoy the view. You can stop here or head further North to Raccoon Island, across to Lone Rock Point, or around the corner into sheltered Bedwell Bay.

Distance from Deep Cove:2 ¾ km
Paddling Time One Way: Fast: 30 min. Avg: 45 min. Leisurely: 1 hr.
Suggested Route:Leave Deep Cove on the south shore until shoreline rounds the corner heading south. From here cross Indian Arm Channel directly to east shore. Follow east shore north until you reach Jug Island.
  • Most of the travel time is spent in crossing the busy Indian Arm Channel.
  • Beware of inattentive motor boaters.
Features: Jug Island is difficult to access with a very steep shoreline. It is within a stones throw of the mainland. Adjacent to Jug Island is a beautiful, pebble beach, one of the few and perhaps the nicest beaches on Indian Arm. Jug Island Beach is a part of Belcarra Park. From here you can walk 30 – 40 min. via a hilly trail to the main part of Belcarra Park. There is an outhouse located near the trail head.
Nature: The island’s high trees are a popular hangout for eagles. Just south of Jug Island on the east side of Indian Arm Channel is a small log boom that is a hang out area for harbor seals. Please do not disturb or approach within 50 m.
History: At one time Jug Island had stone formations that resembled a jug handle, hence the name “Jug” Island. This arch fell off some time ago.
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