Grey Rocks Island is a safe bet for a windy day. On most days you will paddle into the wind to reach Grey Rocks, making for an easier trip home.

If it is not too busy or windy, cross over to the east side of the Arm to Boulder Island or Belcarra Park.

Please keep in mind that Grey Rocks, Boulder, and Hamber Island are private islands.

Please do not land your kayaks, canoes, or paddle boards on any of these islands. Rather land at one of the nearby beaches at Strathcona or Belcarra Park.


Distance from Deep Cove: 3 km
Paddling Time One Way: Fast: 20 min. Avg: 30 min. Leisurely: 40 min.
Suggested Route: Paddle south (right hand side) from Deep Cove along the west shore of Indian Arm. You can’t miss it.
  • Current (maximum speed of 1 knot)
  • Motorboat traffic
Features: Grey Rocks Island is a very small privately owned Island with a beautiful house located on it. Grey Rocks is located in the middle of Strathcona Bay. There is a little park located on the mainland in between all the homes, in the very corner of Strathcona Bay which you can pull up to.
Nature: There is an interesting rocky shoal on the south-east side of Grey Rocks. This is inter-tidal, making for a great place to observe underwater marine life, such as crabs, and sea stars.