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Croker Island

Silver Falls

Twin Islands

Raccoon Island

Jug Island

Admiralty Point

Belcarra Bay with Hamber and Boulder Islands in the foreground

Belcarra Park

Boulder Island

Cates Park

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Granite Falls

Grey Rocks

Hamber Island

Indian River Estuary

Wigwam Inn

Deep Cove

Belcarra Park

It is possible to drive to Belcarra Park, so you will find many people here on summer weekends. A concession stand and public washrooms are located a short walk from the beach where you can pull your kayaks or sup boards up on to and there is a great ice cream stand close to the beach. Be careful if you do leave your kayaks or boards to pull them high enough that an encroaching tide cannot grab them from you!

Boulder and Hamber Islands are close by, and you can either stop her for a while and enjoy the park or keep going to Jug Island to the North or Admiralty Point to the South depending on which way you came.

Distance from Deep Cove:3 km
Paddling Time One Way: Fast: 35 min. Avg: 50 min. Leisurely: 1hr
Hazards:Currents, Motorboat traffic on busy weekends, coming from several directions.
The current is strongest between Hamber and Grey Rocks. Max. 1 knot.
Features: Belcarra is a GVRD park. It is a popular picnic area and is very busy on summer weekends. A dock specifically for crabbing is located here and is usually jammed on busy weekends. There are some nice hiking trails heading south to Admiralty Point. If you are hungry for a greasy hamburger and fries Belcarra has a concession stand.
Nature:Look toward the trees on top of Boulder Island for eagles. In late August the Narrows between Hamber and Grey Rocks is a popular fishing area for harbour seals
History: Belcarra has significant importance to the Tsleil Waututh Nation (People of the Inlet). This was their traditional wintering grounds. There is still evidence of an ancient midden (shell refuse area) on the shoreline.Just south of Belcarra located high in a fir tree you can see the remnants of a tree house. George Dyson occupied this tree house for several years. George is the Author of “Baidarka” and was the subject of “Starship and the Canoe”